Time to pony up

By Liam Nash

It is time for local riders to bust out the saddles and bridles, with the Cobram Horse and Pony Club holding its inaugural rally at Muckatah Recreation Reserve on Sunday.

After recently being affiliated with Pony Club Victoria, the club will look to engage young equestrian enthusiasts by meeting for a day aimed at providing ‘great horsemanship and great friendships’, according to president Chris Hennessy.

“(The old club) was very successful up until the last few years, we haven’t had many kids in the pony club for some time,” he said.

“There have been some fabulous riders to come out of this community, and we would like to see that happen again.”

While those new to the area may be unaware of the horse-riding presence in the Moira Shire, Mr Hennessy touched on the rich history of the previous horse and pony club, which was once a state powerhouse in its own regard.

“It was once the biggest pony club in Victoria, started back in the early 1960’s at the Cobram Showgrounds,” he said.

“The old club was disaffiliated, but at its greatest numbers we had around 96 kids signed up.”

Now, with a revamped crew on board, Mr Hennessy said the goal is to get young people engaged in equestrian activity and help rebuild the club back to its former glory.

“It is a bit of a start again job, we have a new committee of management who are more than up to the task and they have the complete interest of the kids and the community in mind,” he said.

“Now we have to get the ball rolling again, it is onwards and upwards from now.”

The rally starts at 10 am with a free barbecue for all in attendance. A $10 fee will apply for any new riders who wish to come along and join.

In future, rallies will be held on the first and third Sunday of the month.