Big week of Barooga bowls

By Cobram Courier

Barooga bowls

Answer to last week's question: A delivered bowl comes to rest on the green and in contact with the jack which is already in the ditch. It is claimed that, as the bowl is a live bowl and is in contact with the jack in the ditch, it is a toucher. Is this correct?

Answer: No, you cannot have a toucher after the jack has gone into the ditch.

This week's question: If the jack is driven above the face of the bank and lands back on the green , is it a live jack?

Only two winning teams this week in pennant - Saturday division 2 and 3 had wins with both midweek teams going down and division 1 had its first loss for the year. Division 4 tried hard but also lost.

Sides are performing well, but it is proving hard to have settled teams with changes needed to be made each week. Both midweek teams went down, but not by much.

Pennant for midweek will be played today not Friday and there is no pennant on Saturday next week due to the Vic Open being played in and around the Shepparton district.

(Should be plenty of bowlers eager for a game next Friday in Keith's Friday.)

Talking of Keith's Friday, a decision has been made to cancel the change in time for this event so all is, as was, with the time to start remaining at 1.30 pm with names in by 12.30 pm.

Winners of last week's Keith's Friday were Bill Hoog and Ray Wright with +15 with visitor Ron Robinson and Max Condron runners-up with 6.

Best first-game went to Kevin Kennedy and Peter Russell with 4 and best second-game went to Geoff Brentnall and Gavan Cullen with 12. The jackpot remains unclaimed and is worth $163.85 this week.

On Melbourne Cup day, the finals of the club championships were played and the new club champions are Gerald Rothe and Kerry Ralph.

They played Jim Townsing and Jill Toohey respectively. Congratulations to all of these members in playing in the final.

The final of the club fours was also played on Friday. The winning team was skip Gerald Rothe, Ken Newton, Fred Pinnuck and Graham Ashcroft, defeating skip Des Toohey, Peter Buller, John Bruce and Jeff Slater.

The men's club events on the wall now are club mixed pairs, 21-up, and club triples (which are single entries - the match committee will make up the teams). Get your names in for these events as soon as possible.

This week is a busy week with Monday night bowls starting Monday, share the wealth on Tuesday, midweek pennant on Wednesday and trade day at Barooga on Thursday.


Congratulations to Kerry Ralph on winning the women's club championship, defeating Jill Toohey, in a well contested game that was enjoyable to watch.

The next club event is women's pairs. A reminder entries close on Friday.

No trade day this week due to pennant being played on Wednesday.