Sunny start to a new season

May 04, 2018

Teamwork: all three Betts siblings are playing this year.

Young and old: The Stewart family have three young children playing this year, while the two older children are coaching.

Sunshine and good times: the kids were loving their first taste of soccer action for the year.

Cobram Junior Soccer Association’s season kicked off on Saturday at Apex Reserve.

There were 28 teams made up of children from across the district, with age groups ranging from under-six through to under-12.

Players were blessed with beautiful weather and a great day was had by all. There were lots of oranges and lollies to share, the beginning of some great skill development and displays of great sportsmanship.

The following goal kickers started their personal goal counts for the year, with some great assistance from teammates:

Under-6: Harvey Boake, Lucas Grieves

Under-6 AC Milan: Kohen, Antonio

Under-6 Inter Milan: Xavier Anastasio

Under-6 Barcelona: Toby Loughridge

Under-8 Celtic: Elliott Loughridge, Ethan Rickard

Under-8 AC Milan: Massimo Startari

Under-8 Juventus: Archie Patterson

Under-8 Inter Milan: Caleb Chrisafulli, Aiden Forster

Under-8 Chelsea: Beau, Byron, Tyler

Under-10 Girls Celtic: Emily Collins, Gemma Janssens, Lucy Wilkins

Under-10 Girls Chelsea: Scarlett, Jemma, Abbey

Under-10 Chelsea: George Wiles, Kerth Martin, Brock Wilson

Under-10 Inter Milan: Luke Kalz, Rocco Anastasio

Under-10 Barcelona: Harry Daniel, Jackson Tooke

Under-10 Juventus: Sam Slatterie, Lenny Power, Ethan Bentley, Cooper Mynard

Under-10 Celtic: Nicholas Russo, Luca Orsida

Under-10 Man Utd: Tyler

Under-12 Barcelona: Archie Evans, Kohan Joseph, Roree Wallis, Zac Everingham, Angus Hay

Under-12 Man Utd: Jaxon Steward

Under-12 Man City: Riley Roberts, Boedi Young

Under-12 Juventus: Baiden Riedell

Some coaches awards were given out for outstanding performances. More awards will be available in the coming weeks thanks to sponsorship from a local sports store.

Round one awards

Under-6: Henry Watmore, Harrison Fraser, Toby Loughridge

Under-8: Lydia, Luke O’Brien, Jackson Smith, Mitchell Smith, Oscar Betts, Owen Stubbs, Massimo Startari, Baidan Guppy, Aiden, Caleb, Blair

Under-10 Girls: Emily Collins

Under-10: George Wiles, Paddy Feehan, Cooper Tout, Elijah Everingham, Kynan Knight, Matt Ashcroft, Nicholas Russo

Under-12: Archie Evans. James Frazer

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